Bookseller Demonstration Videos

Below is a small selection of new features. More demos will be added to this page. If there is a particular subject you would like covered in a demo, please let us know. Click on an image to start a demo.

The new Stock Entry screen

A quick overview of some of the new features and options available when entering or viewing stock records.

Website Search

A facility for looking up a book on multiple websites at the click of a button.

Adding Customer Records

New features to help prevent the creation of duplicate customer records.

Grouping 'bound with' items

A solution to printing groups of records as if they were a single catalogue item.

Book Inserts

There is no need to export the data any more and Bookseller will tell you if the text won't fit into the selected layout. Creating alternative layouts - eg one including different currencies - is achieved in a few clicks.

Quick Catalogues

Quick catalogues enable you to create a catalogue, including images, with a couple of clicks. However they also offer complete control over the included fields, font and size etc.. This demonstration also shows how you can tranfer the formatted text into Word - this only requires one or two additional clicks.

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